Hwy. 28 Farms Products

On-the-go, all the time? Need a few extra minutes in your day? Hwy. 28 Farms is a healthy solution to your busy day! Our fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are tasty and convenient and take the hassle and mess out of your kitchen, leaving you a few extra minutes to sit and relax.

Love to cook? Hwy. 28 Farms Fresh-cut Fruit and Vegetables will be a staple in your kitchen. Our line of Pico de Gallos make a simple and healthy topping for grilled chicken, steak or fish or a quick base for salsas and guacamoles. Also, don't forget to keep Hwy. 28 Farms Carrot and Celery Sticks and Simple Snackers Ready-to-Eat Fruit, in your refrigerator too. Everyone will love them in their lunches or for a quick and healthy snack.

Hwy. 28 Farms makes entertaining easy. Our Simple Snackers Bean Dips and Fruit & Veggie trays come package ready to go. No cutting, chopping, peeling needed. Just open and serve. Now that's what every hostess needs!