Q: Who produces Hwy. 28 Farms products?
A: Hwy. 28 Farms is a division of Loffredo Fresh Produce Co., Inc. and all products are produced at the Des Moines, IA location.

Loffredo Fresh Produce Company, Inc.
4001 S.W. 63rd Street
Des Moines, Iowa  50321

Q: Are Hwy. 28 Farms products safe?
A: Loffredo Fresh Produce Company emphasizes Food Safety as well as its strong commitment to product quality. There is a dedicated staff to help ensure that all steps in the process are maintained at a level that also promotes customer and consumer confidence that products supplied by Loffredo Fresh Produce are safe to eat.

The commitment to Food Safety is supported by all Senior Management, and is practiced at all levels throughout the company and is visualized in the multitude of new and established food safety programs.

The company's commitment to Food Safety is also supported by its achievement in meeting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements in the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) 2000 and many other regulatory, second and third party audits.

  • Some of the multitude of Food Safety Programs includes:
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Program (HACCP)
  • Food Defense Program
  • Recall Program
  • Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Good Manufacturing Program (GMP)
  • Pest Control Program
  • Document Control Program
  • Shelf-Life Testing Program
  • Supplier Approval Program
  • Cleaning and Sanitation Program
  • Various In-House Auditing Programs
  • Customer and Consumer Complaint Program

Third-party Audits
Loffredo Fresh Produces commitment to Food Safety can also be recognized by the audit results from the various regulatory, second and third party auditors and has enjoyed an increase in audit scores over the past several years.  The food safety program stands solidly on the foundation of many supporting prerequisite programs in which all are based upon regulatory requirements and guidance, academia, experimental results, industry guidance and historical data.

Regulatory and third party audits are conducted regularly by accredited organizations and include:

  • Federal Food and Drug Administration (FFDA)
  • State of Iowa
  • Silliker (Conducts a Silliker based audit and is also is the SQF Certification Body)
  • United States Army
  • NSF Cook and Thurber