Hwy. 28 Farms is a division of Loffredo Fresh Produce Co., Inc. 

Loffredo Fresh Produce offers the world’s best fresh food. For generations, the family-owned and operated company has continued to deliver quality, value and service.

Loffredo Fresh Produce was founded in 1892 by Italian immigrant Guisseppi Loffredo, an ambitious young man with a horse, a cart and a passion for fresh food.

Today, the company is an industry leader delivering top quality food and service in all five of their distribution centers: Des Moines, IA, Omaha, NE, Kansas City, MO, Madison, WI, and the Quad Cities. 

Loffredo's is a proud member of PRO*ACT, a national cooperative of independent produce distributors, giving us competitive buying power and access to the very best produce available. In addition to fruits and vegetables, we offer fresh-cut produce, organic produce, dairy items, bakery items, dry goods and gourmet specialties to provide a full-line of service to our customers.

The Loffredo team is highly trained and committed to food safety. It begins with our trusted growers who maintain the strictest safety standards, and extends to every step of our operation. Our state-of-the-art facilities have computer-controlled cooling systems and receive excellent food and safety inspection ratings.

Delivering quality, value and service is at the heart of our mission. Loffredo’s fast and personal service is customized for your business, guaranteed to boost your bottom line. Our customers are our partners, our family. We invite you to join the Loffredo family.

Our Mission:

Loffredo Fresh Produce is committed to our family of customers, to our employees and to the communities in which we serve. Our mission is to supply the world’s best fresh food to our customers, while providing outstanding service. Since 1892, we have accomplished this mission by honoring the Loffredo philosophy and family tradition of delivering quality, value and impeccable service.